January 2022 Winner

Just A Shadow

Perry Kay


hand in hand but my fingers are cold

and empty

the wind sends your hair into my face

i bite down;

maybe to swallow a part of you

or maybe to recapture the ‘us’

that is slowly slipping away

chapped lips on honey strands but

my tongue stays parched; dry

and through your oversized hoodie

that smells like a stranger’s cologne

i hear your heart beat to a new sound,



you don’t have to be across the ocean

or a million miles away

to not be here

we could be sitting side by side

shoulder to shoulder; still shivering

and skin hugging skin

that once would light a fire

of burning desire

now tugs at brittle bars

and my insides are frozen


my heart is hollow

and yours is lying in someone else’s bed

and the space where you sit

is just a shadow

of melting promises


i kiss your cheeks and my lips taste air

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