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Dr Lucie Brownlee is an award-winning writer, researcher, and creative writing tutor. Her Sunday Times best-seller Life After You was chosen for the Richard and Judy Bookclub and adapted for television. Her novel The Mother made the final four in Mslexia’s Novel Competition 2020 and she is a Northern Writers’ Award for Fiction winner for her novel The Song of Annie Chapman. Her short stories have been shortlisted in two international competitions and she has published many articles, including for the Independent and the Telegraph. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University.

Start Date: 29th July, 2024

Duration: Six weeks

Price: £160

3 places remaining

Experience the art of memoir writing with our immersive 6-week online Memoir Writing Course.

This course invites you to embark on a captivating journey to transform your cherished memories and life experiences into compelling narratives. Over six engaging modules, our experienced instructors, based in the UK but accessible to aspiring writers around the world, will provide expert guidance and valuable feedback.

Course Structure and Flexibility:

Our 6-week course is meticulously designed to provide flexibility. Each week, a new module will be unveiled as text lessons, allowing you to proceed at your own pace. We recommend dedicating 2-3 hours per week to your studies.

To guide you on your journey, you’ll be paired with a dedicated online tutor who will evaluate your weekly written assignments. This personalised feedback will assist you in staying on the right path and monitoring your progress. By submitting your assignments, you can refine your skills and cultivate your unique writing voice.

Given the high demand for this course, early registration is strongly recommended to secure your spot.

Global Access and Lifelong Learning:

Our courses are open to students worldwide, and our instructors are eager to share their expertise and passion for memoir writing with you, regardless of your location. Even after the course concludes, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge as needed.

Please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for the first module email from your tutor on the course start date.

Weekly Modules and Lessons:

Lesson 1: Getting Started With Memoir

The first lesson introduces you to memoir as a form. It will help you plan your memoir over the next six weeks and show you exactly what a memoir can do. 

Lesson 2: The Basics of Memoir

The second lesson teaches you the basics of writing a memoir. You will learn what themes to include in your memoir and how to add humour to your writing. Ultimately, you will learn how to start writing your memoir.

Lesson 3: Characters in Memoir

The third lesson teaches you how to write about people in your memoir. You will learn how to write about yourself, separate from the narrative voice. You will also learn how to write about others through effective characterisation.

Lesson 4: Settings in Memoir

The fourth lesson teaches you how to write about places in your memoir. You will learn how to write settings using your senses and memory through effective research and characterisation.

Lesson 5: Plotting Your Memoir

The fifth lesson teaches you how to plot your memoir. You will learn how to balance tone and themes through successful plot structures and how to write subplots.

Lesson 6: Putting Your Memoir Together

The final lesson shows you how to put your memoir together. You will learn how to edit your memories and how to end a memoir. You will also learn how to take those first steps into publishing your memoir.

Let’s Get Started:

Embark on this incredible journey to discover the art of memoir writing and unlock the power of your personal story. Enrol today and take the initial step towards creating a captivating memoir that will resonate with readers for years to come!

Start Date

29th July


6 Weeks




Lucie Brownlee