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Jim is a writer, educator, and support worker based in Nottingham. His published work includes: Upon Arrival, Drop Your Cool (2014), Boy (2015), and ELSEWHERE (forthcoming). He has served as writer-in-residence for various schools and University settings, in which he curated, edited and published anthologies of creative writing by new writers, many of whom had previously never put pen to paper.

In 2019, he worked as a programme manager for Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, supporting writers of all ages and backgrounds to read and write for pleasure, running workshops and writing groups for adults and young people to develop their creative confidence.

Jim firmly believes in ‘leaving out no-one’ when it comes to accessing creativity, and that everyone has a story to tell. He cannot wait to hear yours.

Start Date: 9th May, 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks

Fee: £160

2 places remaining

Course Overview

If you’re seeking to elevate your poetry to new heights or aspire to mirror the styles of accomplished poets while exploring the intricacies of crafting complex poetic forms, the Advanced Poetry Course is tailor-made for you! Designed for individuals with prior writing experience or those who have successfully completed any of our previous courses, this six-week program provides a comprehensive journey to enhance your creative writing skills. Engage in stimulating activities and assignments, and benefit from expert guidance from seasoned professionals as you refine your poetic craft.

Lesson 1: Honing Your Voice
The first lesson teaches you how to hone your poetic voice. You will learn to incorporate dialect
into your poetry and experiment with form and subject.

Lesson 2: Prose Poetry
The second lesson teaches you how to write prose poetry. You will learn how to include dialogue
in your poems and what themes to include in prose poetry.

Lesson 3: Developing Your Senses
The third lesson teaches you how to write using your senses. This does not only mean sight, sound,
touch, taste, and smell. Instead, you will learn about other types of senses and how to create
engaging sensory imagery for your readers to love.

Lesson 4: Writing Humour
The fourth lesson teaches you how to add humour to your poetry. You will learn how to write
poetic dialogue and how to write metafictional poetry.

Lesson 5: Creating a Collection
The fifth lesson teaches you how to create a poetry collection. You will learn how to organise and
edit your poetry for publication and where to receive feedback on your poems.

Lesson 6: Publishing Your Poetry
The final lesson shows you how you can publish your poetry. You will learn how to create a
poetic manuscript and how to self-publish.

Start Date

9th May


6 weeks




Jim Hall