Unwrap Creativity: The Best Christmas Gifts for Writers

Unwrap Creativity: The Best Christmas Gifts for Writers

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by gifting the writers in your life something that fuels their creativity and passion for words? This Christmas, consider stepping away from the conventional and explore unique, thoughtful gifts that cater specifically to the needs of those who weave magic with their words. Here’s a curated list of the best creative gifts for writers that will inspire and enhance their writing journey.

Personalised Journals:

A blank page is a canvas waiting to be filled with stories, ideas, and dreams. A personalised journal adds a touch of elegance to a writer’s toolkit. Choose a high-quality journal and have their name or a special message engraved on the cover. This thoughtful gift not only provides a beautiful space for jotting down thoughts but also adds a personal touch that writers will appreciate.

Writer’s Retreat Experience:

Give the gift of solitude and inspiration by arranging a writer’s retreat experience. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a cosy cabin in the woods or a week-long escape to a writing retreat, providing uninterrupted time for creativity can be a priceless gift. Many organisations and retreat centres offer packages specifically designed for writers, providing them with the perfect environment to focus on their craft.

Literary Coffee or Tea Sets:

For many writers, a hot beverage is an essential companion during their writing sessions. Consider gifting a set of literary-themed coffee or tea blends. You can find collections inspired by classic novels or even blends crafted with writer-friendly ingredients like ginseng and ginkgo biloba, known for their cognitive benefits.

Writing Software Subscriptions:

Writing software can make a world of difference for authors, and Scrivener is a popular choice among writers for its organisational features. Consider gifting a subscription, allowing the writer in your life to streamline their writing process, organise their work efficiently, and focus on what matters most – creating captivating stories.

Bookish Candles:

Create a cosy writing atmosphere with bookish candles that capture the essence of beloved literary worlds. From scents inspired by libraries to those evoking the aroma of aged parchment, these candles provide a sensory experience that can transport writers into their creative zone.

Literary Puzzle or Board Games:

Engage the writer’s mind in a different way with literary-themed puzzles or board games. Choose a puzzle featuring the cover of a classic novel or a board game that encourages creativity and storytelling. These gifts not only provide a break from writing but also inspire new ideas through interactive storytelling.

Online Writing Course or Workshop:

Invest in the writer’s craft by gifting them an online writing course! At Creative Writing Ink, we offer a variety of courses run by expert tutors. Whether honing their fiction-writing skills or delving into the intricacies of creative nonfiction, these courses provide valuable insights and guidance for the writer in your life!


This Christmas, go beyond the expected and choose a gift that resonates with the passion and creativity of the writers in your life. From personalised journals to immersive retreat experiences, these gifts are sure to ignite inspiration and enhance the writing journey. Celebrate the magic of words and give the gift of creativity this holiday season.

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