Nurturing Young Storytellers: A Guide to the Creative Writing Process for Children

Nurturing Young Storytellers: A Guide to the Creative Writing Process for Children

Does your child love reading and telling stories? Do they have the gift of oration but have yet to capture their ideas on paper? Are you unsure of how to introduce your child to the process of creative writing? If you answered yes to any of my inquiries, I encourage you to follow this guide to the creative writing process for children.

How can you help your child master the creative writing process and unleash their imagination?

A great way to set your child on a path to mastering the creative writing process is to ask their favorite story. Once the story is identified, ask them to think about why they like it and what elements appeal to them. When your child has thought about this, please encourage them to rewrite it in their own unique style. Emulating the works of others can speed up the learning process exponentially.

Tips and Strategies for Encouraging Young Writers

Once your young storyteller has experimented with retelling their favorite story, now is a good time to nudge your child toward spending extra focus on characters. While constructing a character, your little writer may find that the characters they create lead them to a captivating storyline. They need to wonder, what makes a good-guy, good—or a bad-guy, bad?

At this time, another area of focus is the setting of your child’s story. Inquire which settings are appealing to your child. Implore your child to think of location as a specific type of character, one that interacts with the “good guys” and “bad guys” of their story. As soon as your child has a solid grip on the basics of the creative writing process, the next move is to let them put everything they’ve learned into an original story of their own.

Nurture Your Child’s Imagination with Our Creative Writing Course for Children

If your child is indeed passionate about or has shown interest in the creative writing process, then finding a seasoned mentor or tutor should become an absolute priority. offers a class by the name of the Online Creative Writing Course for Children. This flexible six-week course is led by novelist, Jessica Miller. There are no set class times, and the class is limited to a size of 10—so individual attention is ensured. Enroll today, as classes tend to fill up quickly!

Guide to the Creative Writing Process for Children