CWI September 2019 Winner

Kaci Skiles Laws is a writer and artist living in Dallas—Fort Worth. Her work has been featured in The Letters Page, Bewildering Stories, Pif Magazine, Unlikely Stories, The American Journal of Poetry, and a few others. She won an award for her poem, This is How it Ends, by NCTC’s English Department and is currently […]

CWI August 2019 Winner

Falling Angels For my mother with love Peter Branson   The conjuror behind closed doors, she mine, me hers, she scrubs our mangled family life starch-white; stems tears, irons creases out, darns holes; small miracles – makes money stretch the week. Her present tense is all I know and we are doted on, consumes her […]

CWI July 2019 Winner

Job No. 1621 Gaynor Kane   Once, a carpenter on the Canberra. Now, Rheumatoid anchored aground for years. Got thrown off after a week, you said – caught having tea and a fag. Shipped to a tanker, as your own boss you skipped off early on Fridays to smooth talk girls and dance.   I […]

CWI June 2019 Winner

When My Mother Was a Giantess Avra Margariti   She let me sit on her shoulders, fed me spotted eggs plucked fresh from mountaintop nests, flew me like a girl-plane through the clouds to gather their moisture on my tongue.   When she got sick, she shrank and sank while I underwent a stretching metamorphosis, […]

CWI May 2019 Winner

Overdue Ruth Taaffe   This was the date that should’ve been. It catches me every year like the gasp of a plot twist I almost forgot.   While all the world waited on an inhale for your first big cry you were reserved, belated, biding your time.   ‘Not yet cooked’, your Grandma joked as […]

CWI April 2019 Winner

Waiting Sue Morgan   I was at Crewe station between trains. I had a call to make from one of the old pay-phones.   After, I went to sit on a wooden bench to wait for the onward connection. A nun came to sit beside me. An omen I thought.   I wondered whether to […]

CWI March 2019 Winner

CAL ANDERSON PARK Charles Leggett   The water tumbles down the conical Coal-dust-coloured fountain; after trickling Between up-jutting stones it stands, a pale   Penumbra, rendering a flickering Of streams of light from the nearest of the lamps. This park’s guitarists, lovers, frolicking   Dogs. Its shirtless would-be Frisbee champs. Its joggers, strollers, chess combatants, […]

Creative Writing Ink February 2019 Winner

A Home for Christmas Kathryn Ratzko Socks and a hat, a scarf, thick and bulky. Throat sweets tucked down the side. Wipes to wipe away dirt; nothing to take away pain. Room for a razor, or maybe not. A torch for wakeful nights. The tiny space left; soap or shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste or chocolate or […]

Creative Writing Ink January 2019 Winner

A Cauliflower Farmer Fabiyas MV He still standsin the back rowwith the traditional misery.His plantsalways get his carbon dioxide.But his hopetrapped in the collapsed pricesuffocates.Farm Aid Package orbitsover his lifelike a malfunctioning satellite.His debt thrivesamong the dream debris.The farmers’ dry voice flamesin the street.He toothrows his produce.His cauliflowers scatteron the roadlike the baton-charged protest.

CWI December 2018 Winner

The Snow Hulk  Ruth Taaffe I’m in the front, Mum sits behind with both my sleeping sisters, flaked from Auld Lang Syne. Snow scraps hurl like curls of peel, fling themselves into the windscreen. I can’t believe how secret the cautious, clotted streets appear.  The year is closing. The world’s transforming. Our garden, dressed like […]

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