January 2022 Winner

Just A Shadow Perry Kay

December 2021 Winner

A First Time at Rage Albert Sotelo

November 2021 Winner

Melia Kathryn Hefford As the moon casts its ethereal light she reaches her arms towards heaven, and gazes at the stars in the clear evening sky. Always aware that her abundance is transitory. The wind caresses her limbs and her leaves flutter like feathers on birds’ wings. Not ready to relinquish she holds on, but […]

October 2021 Winner

Baptism in Lines and Punctuation Madeline Medensky

September 2021 Winner

La Luna; a feminine noun Amy Moreno

August 2021 Winner

Coal to Burn the World Natascha Graham

July 2021 Winner

She Reposes in Jeopardy Agnibeena Ghosh

June 2021 Winner

Mother Versus Memory Johanna Zomers

May 2021 Winner

Carnedd y Filiast Tim Taylor

April 2021 Winner

Soliloquy of a Soul Fabiyas M V   I feel I’m everywhere, free and wispy.   I find love and loss in the wet eyes. How long will I linger in your hearts?   Strange were my dreams in the final earthly phase; the unknown lands and the divine vibes.   How fast the body […]

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