July 2021 Winner

She Reposes in Jeopardy Agnibeena Ghosh

June 2021 Winner

Mother Versus Memory Johanna Zomers

May 2021 Winner

Carnedd y Filiast Tim Taylor

April 2021 Winner

Soliloquy of a Soul Fabiyas M V   I feel I’m everywhere, free and wispy.   I find love and loss in the wet eyes. How long will I linger in your hearts?   Strange were my dreams in the final earthly phase; the unknown lands and the divine vibes.   How fast the body […]

March 2021 Winner

Sip of Hope Marion Horton   Lips close to mouth purse. Another sip. Swirl and with a gold rim glint flip, chink, be upturned. Practiced. Learned.   Black dots of ravens cursing. Owls screeching. Rising from the honeyed base. Spreading omens – last of breaths. Countless deaths.   Silent clothes – no jangly, beady. Greasy […]

February 2021 Winner

S.A.D Anne Savage   The 21st or thereabouts it starts; when everyone’s alight or wrapped and giving. My life Gurgling like a strangled straw when the drink runs out Shrinks down and out as light Spins into empty. A few grey hours every day, Darkness laughing from the edges chews and bites a little more […]

January 2021 Winner

Mrs Robinson Ellie Piddington   In his den she smokes two of his Havana cigars onto the run, cracks open a bottle of Bourbon, leaves the Pearsons’ Alsatian thrusting at the cushions.   ‘Please,’ she’d said to Benjamin. ‘Please,’ she’d said again.   Arms folded firmly across her chest standing in the tall grasses, like […]

CWI October 2020 Winner

Two Minutes  Ruth Taaffe   Notes fired crack against our ears, fill the air like smoke after gunshot blooming over a field.   He leads our collective stumbling with his solo, shuffles us into respect at the ricochet of his tune.   The young bugler lowers his instrument, approaching the climax of his task. We […]

September 2020 Competition Winner

Sunshower Riley Sutton   If there is peace to be had in this world, it is next to a clear windowpane as a thunderstorm beats its drums in the distance. With water slicing through the sky in a diagonal marching line, unbeknownst to the rules of physics and even gravity, you can watch the sky […]

August 2020 Competition Winner

The Woman Vegetable Vendor Fabiyas MV   She pulls her handcart through her dream-debris. Now her PhD is just an agonizing adornment.   She’s been denied white-collar jobs for religious reasons. Even a name is flammable in the fanatic drought. Here religion doesn’t purify, but petrify.   Yet she surfaces, scuba-diving through her secret sorrows. […]

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