February 2016 Winner


Jane Salmons

The takotsubo bides its time
hunkers down on the ocean floor;
stone ventricle waiting
magenta mouth gaping,
a cardiac apex promising love.

An octopus sculls by,
cephalopod eyes
searching for solace
in the murky grey;
eight arms trembling,
suction cups tasting
the cinnamon sweetness of
earthy red clay.

Inside the takotsubo,
it’s safe and warm.
The octopus rests
her soft boneless mass;
three hearts thumping
blue blood pumping.
a haven, a harbour,
a home from home.

In the blink of an eye
her photophores flash;
the sea chameleon’s skin
turns pink
in synch
with the terracotta trap
within whose walls
the creature will die.

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