Creative Writing Ink August 2018 Winner

A modest crucifixion 
Millicent Stott


I saw Jesus crucified on a lamppost,

rosebud lips painted rouge.

Rotting pink petals and cigarettes

adorned the soggy pavement

by his bloody feet.

The savage decadence of those

unkempt seams of skin shimmered

playfully against the edge of that Tuesday night,

Heat haze.

Cheap neon glamour,

his leopard print glitz,

black eye,

the scene lit strangely before me

like a mirage.

Blood and dirt underneath his


He wore that string of pearls as though

to keep the white skin of his neck


a set of tacky rings each with assorted


Made up quite nicely, of course,

but an odd sight to behold

outside the post office,

crown, nails, lashes and all.