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TUTOR: Eileen Casey’s collection of memoir essays ‘A Fascination with Fabric,’ is published by Arlen House, 2014. Memoir pieces have been broadcast on Sunday Miscellany and published in Ireland’s Own, Senior Times, County Lines: Portrait of a County (New Island), An Irishwoman’s Diary (The Irish Times) among others. She was short listed for the Fish Memoir Prize, 2014. A Hennessy Literary Award recipient (Emerging Fiction), she was also awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Poetry Fellowship. Other collections include ‘Drinking the Colour Blue,’ (New Island Poetry), ‘Snow Shoes,’ (Arlen House Fiction) and ‘Berries for Singing Birds’ (Arlen House).

DURATION: Six weeks

FEE: £140

Start Date: 3rd November 2021 – 2 places remaining

(If you booked a course with Eileen Casey, commencing September 15th, this course is still going ahead as scheduled. We just removed it from the site as it was full and to prevent overbooking.)

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All of the individual modules in this online memoir writing course are accompanied by writing options which will bring together the nucleus of the course material. You’ll also receive written feedback on those writing exercises.

In the Beginning “There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in” (Graham Greene). This module will introduce the memoir as a popular genre, particularly with regard to the twin elements conflict and suspense. Writing personal story can be simplicity itself yet the memoir form also has the potential for more complex expositions of the human psyche. Various techniques and approaches will be explored so individual memoir sparkles with style and personality.

Who are YOU Anyway? How do you feel about You as character? This module focuses on the ability, or not, to be scrupulously honest. It pays to pay attention and observe when the jumping off line isn’t always so obvious; to listen to the insistent whispers of what is worth remembering. Various and intriguing entry points to memory will be explored, a word Northern Ireland writer John Hewitt described as ‘loaded’.

Structure and Timeline Memoir is a window onto a life. This module will demonstrate the many and various ways a memoir can be shaped together with the timeline(s) it inhabits. Framing memoir with deliberate precision ensures that there is nothing random or casual about the chosen material. What to leave out is often far more important than what to leave in.

Emotion: Dialogue: Setting: Theme A balance of light and shade ensures a blend that is atmospheric, sensually invigorating and aesthetically elegant. This module is directed towards vital elements which support and enhance the memoir structure.

The Lost Property Bureau Researching the past ensures a richly textured memoir backdrop. The devil is in the detail and the authenticating detail is paramount with memoir. This module looks at excavating the past, finding those hidden historical gems. Doing the required ‘homework’ is not just about writing every day. It’s also about having a healthy investigative curiosity.

Memoir Markets Memoir outlets are many and varied. This final module highlights ways of getting memoir published.

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