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TUTOR: Nikki Sheehan is an author, journalist, mentor and teacher. She has published three novels for young adults, short stories, one biography and two picture books. Her first adult novel is forthcoming. She has also written poetry, advertising copy, subtitles and a TV comedy script. Nikki has been shortlisted for, and won many awards, including being twice nominated for the Carnegie medal.
Nikki loves nurturing creativity as a mentor and course leader, and has been instrumental in several writing careers. She believes that there are fundamental misunderstandings about creativity that stop many people from pursuing their creative goals. As well as sharing the tools of the craft, a sensitivity to the psychology at play in the writer’s mind underpins her teaching, and Nikki is proud to have enabled many writers to find enjoyment, satisfaction and success whether their goal is a flash fiction poem, a novel or a movie script.

Start Date: 8th June 2022 – 2 places remaining

Note: We are currently experiencing a high demand for our online creative writing courses. We therefore recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment. 

Duration: Six weeks

FEE: £140

Places are strictly limited to 10 participants. You don’t have to be based in the UK to take the course. We accept students from around the world!

You don’t have to be online at any particular time or day. Instead, the course is carried out through email correspondence, so you can read the notes whenever it suits you. There will be weekly notes and assignments over the course of six weeks. Your tutor will read each assignment and provide written feedback. You’ll find out more about how the online courses work here.

Note: The tutor will email you on the course start date with your first module; please check your Spam/Junk folder for this email.

This is a course for adults.

Week One – The stories only you can tell.

Writers are always asked, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ In Week 1 you will answer this for yourself by exploring your own fascinations, feelings, fears and interests, and uncovering the stories and characters that are waiting to emerge.

Week Two – Writing real people.

We are all a complex mix of nature, nurture and chance, but as writers have a limited time in which to establish credible characters on the page. So, in Week 2 you will learn to use the archetypes from mythology and the classics in combination with modern psychology to develop stronger characters.

Week Three – Whose line is it anyway?

Sometimes we struggle with which of our protagonists we should focus on, and how to do this in the most compelling way. Whether you write short stories, flash fiction or longer works, in Week 3 you will deepen your understanding of who says what, why and how.

Week Four – Plotting with snowflakes and more.

Whether you’re an instinctive writer or a plotter, the structure of your story is the backbone without which your story will sag. So, in Week 4, we will briefly cover plot basics before moving on to a practical guide to putting your knowledge into action in order to plot a longer piece of fiction.

Week Five – Drowning in metaphor.

Modern readers of commercial fiction are hungry for story, and description and metaphor has become sidelined. But putting the sensory and thematic aspects of a story into words is still a vital part of the author’s job. In Week 5 we will look at how to subtly bring alive the world of your story in a way that keeps your reader reading.

Week Six – Kill your darlings.

Do we really need all those words? Does that character have a good reason to be there? Is that scene doing enough? In Week 6 we look at editing, both on a word level and in terms of plot. We get to grips with choosing the right words, scenes and characters, and daring to delete the rest.

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Here's what our clients have to say

  • The course – both the framework and the content of the modules – gave motivation, focus, discipline, purpose and stamina. The exhuberant response of the tutor was a spur and a tonic.” – Anya Mali

  • “I would whole-heartedly recommend this course. There is a choice of assignments at the end of every module and although challenging, they definitely spark creativity and encourage new ways of thinking and writing. Eileen couldn’t be more helpful in terms of constructive criticism.” – Nora Hegarty

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