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Tutor: Emma Read is a children’s author and creative writing mentor and tutor. Her debut novel for young readers, Milton the Mighty, was one of The Times’ Best Children’s Books of 2019. It also won the N. Somerset Teachers Award and was shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award. Other published works include short stories and flash fiction.
Emma provides mentoring to unagented writers and, when possible, also runs in-person workshops for schools, libraries and festivals.
She lives in Bath, with her young family and many, many notebooks.

Start Date:  April 17th  2024

Duration: 6 Weeks

Fee: £160

3 places remaining

Unlock the Magic of Children’s Writing: Join Our Online Writing for Children Course

Step into the enchanting world of our 6-week Online Writing for Children Course, specially created for aspiring authors who dream of crafting captivating stories that ignite the imagination and inspire wonder in the hearts of children and young adults. As a children’s writer, you possess the extraordinary ability to create worlds that entertain, educate, and empower young minds. Our course is meticulously designed to enhance your writing skills, enabling you to craft engaging, unforgettable content that leaves a lasting impact on your young readers.

Please note that this course is suitable for individuals interested in writing for children or young adults. If you’re in search of a writing course designed for children or teenagers themselves, please see our Creative Writing Course for Children (7-12 year olds) or our Writing for Teenagers Course.

Embark on this enchanting adventure with us and unlock the secrets to weaving tales that captivate the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

Limited Enrolment: Reserve Your Spot Today

To ensure a high-quality learning experience, this course is strictly limited to ten students. We recommend early booking to secure your place and embark on your literary journey.

Extended Access: Lifetime Access to Course Materials

Even after the course concludes, you will have access to the course materials for an entire year, allowing you to revisit the lessons and refresh your learning as needed.

Global Reach: Open to Students Worldwide

You don’t have to be based in the UK to enrol. Our online courses are open to aspiring authors from around the world. Join our global community of passionate writers and benefit from their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Weekly Assignments and Personalised Feedback

Upon the course start date, your tutor will email you with your first module (check your Spam/Junk folder for this email and add us to your contacts to ensure smooth communication throughout the course). From there, you will receive weekly written assignments designed to hone your skills and keep you on track. Each assignment will be assessed by your dedicated online tutor, who will provide personalised written feedback to help you grow as a writer. Our course is structured around weekly modules, with new materials released in the form of text lessons. We recommend spending 2-3 hours per week on the course, but with no set class times, you have the flexibility to study at your own pace.

Course Outline

Module 1: What’s the Big Idea?

An introduction to writing for children, exploring reader age and stage, appropriate themes and topics. Then moving on to ideas – assessing what works using pitching techniques to build on an idea, exploring goal, obstacle and stakes.

Module 2: Heroes and Villains

Character is at the heart of any children’s story. Here, we’ll be looking at what makes a compelling and believable character, and why this is so important for a child reader. We’ll also consider series fiction and how children buy in to strong characters, to make these a success.

Module 3: A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this module we’ll discover how characters drive the plot forward through agency, and search for the story at the heart of it all. We’ll be looking at examples of plot structures in children’s fiction and how to make linear storylines engaging.

Module 4: Saving the World and Surviving School

Next we’ll be taking a deeper dive into how our characters interact with their story, how their wants and needs will be thwarted throughout the plot, creating pace, tension and reader engagement. From saving the world, to surviving the school day, we’ll discover how characters’ goals connect the reader to the work.

Module 5: Show and Tell

A quick look at writing craft techniques for children’s literature, particularly finding a balance in the ‘rule’ of Showing rather than Telling. The module will also introduce the concept of ‘voice’ and how dialogue provides a conduit to your character’s emotion and personality.

Module 6: The Hard Sell

A review of children’s publishing, trends and marketing. How you can get your work noticed amidst a busy time: the new, so-called, golden age of children’s fiction, and the importance of school visits, libraries and festivals.

Getting Started – Enrol Today

By joining our Online Writing for Children Course today, you’ll not only be investing in your growth as a writer but also in the imaginative and emotional development of countless young readers who eagerly await your stories. Your words have the power to spark dreams, ignite curiosity, and foster empathy, shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation.

Don’t miss this chance to embark on a life-changing adventure and leave your unique mark on children’s literature. Enrol in our Online Writing for Children Course today and begin your journey towards crafting unforgettable stories that will enchant, inspire, and delight young readers for years to come!

Start Date

17th April


6 weeks




Emma Read