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Abby Connolly is a writer based in Dublin. Her short stories, flash fiction pieces, and creative non-fiction have been included in magazines such as Sonder, The Attic, Púca, Porridge, and the An Áitiúil anthology. In 2023, she won the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair and was a Young Writer Delegate in 2021 for the Dublin Book Festival.

Start Date: 7th August, 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks

Fee: £160

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Course Outline

Have you ever been curious about how to write your own flash fiction?

Perhaps you have a short story you’re eager to tell but don’t know where to start. If so, the Writing Flash Fiction Course is perfect for you. Over six weeks, you’ll learn everything necessary to craft your own flash fiction, from understanding its various types and forms to creating characters and settings with minimal words. This course is designed for writers of any genre and will guide you through the initial steps of writing flash fiction!

Lesson 1: What is Flash Fiction?

The first lesson introduces you to flash fiction as a form. You will learn what themes to include in your flash fiction and what type of flash fiction you should write to get started!

Lesson 2: Plotting Flash Fiction

The second lesson teaches you how to plot flash fiction. You will learn how to plan flash fiction and how to create tension in your writing.

Lesson 3: Characters in Flash Fiction

The third lesson teaches you how to write characters in flash fiction. You will learn how to give your characters motivation and how to write dialogue in your short stories.

Lesson 4: Setting in Flash Fiction

The fourth lesson teaches you how to write settings in flash fiction. You will learn how to research settings for your writing and how to use sensory imagery to describe them.

Lesson 5: Experimenting with Genre

The fifth lesson teaches you how to experiment with your flash fiction. You will learn how to combine genres and forms to create a new kind of story your readers will love.

Lesson 6: Editing and Publishing Flash Fiction

The final lesson teaches you how to edit and publish your flash fiction. With expert advice, you will learn how to proofread and copyedit flash fiction ready for publication.

Start Date

7th August


6 Weeks




Abby Connolly