April 2021 Winner

Soliloquy of a Soul

Fabiyas M V


I feel I’m everywhere,

free and wispy.


I find love and loss in the wet eyes.

How long will I linger in your hearts?


Strange were my dreams

in the final earthly phase;

the unknown lands

and the divine vibes.


How fast the body bloats!

But my beauty will never be disfigured

in your minds.


The funeral rite is a reverence for me.

Each generation has its own foolish

but virtuous beliefs.


I lost my pleasures

in the man-made complications.

I had to live with hypocrisies.


Even my hyena-eyed enemy is

among the mourners.

But I’m behind a silence.


I realize the insignificance

of the body that carried me.

It’s still and stinky

in my absence.


I will soon return to the old void

to reappear somewhere

as fresh as a banana shoot.