Creative Writing Ink January 2017 Winner

Lost at Sea – Deborah Guzzi Sabah, Malaysia 2017 “THE OCEAN IS OUR HOME AND HEAVEN” – a Sama Fisherman I do not know my age. What is age to the Sama Dilaut who pass the days by sun or sea? I have carried five souls, only two live. You may call me mother. ‘Anak, children, come!’ I wave from […]

Creative Writing Ink February 2017 Competition Winner

The Heart of India Grey Lucy Thynne When India Grey was five years old, Grown-Ups often told her she was a ‘funny’ child. She never knew exactly what this meant, and The Parents wouldn’t give her much of a clue either. She was a polite little girl; distinct, yes; curious also, but she had been […]

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